Housing Amenities

Housing Amenities

Georgia State’s transition to a residential university is fairly recent, so facilities are modern and comfortable. University housing was designed with features and amenities to support students’ success and meet their needs. Residents have conveniences that help them manage their time and resources, common areas and communication tools that help them stay connected to one another and the world at large, and private spaces where they can find solitude and do their own thing.

View the Community Living Guidefor additional information.

As a university residential community, the facilities offer educational, recreational, cultural and social programming. Residents are encouraged to be involved in the residence hall community and make a genuine effort to contribute to the creation and enhancement of community with other residents. The resident assistants (RAs) are responsible for implementing University Housing’s residential curriculum with their residents. The Community Council (CC) offers area wide programs. A portion of housing fees is allocated for area sponsored activities.

Some examples of programs offered in residence halls include movie nights, open mic nights, dance parties, karaoke nights and educational speakers. Residents should let their RA or CC know what interests them and help make the residence halls a fun place to live and learn.

All bicycles should be registered with the Georgia State University Police. When using the bike storage areas, residents are encouraged to use a high quality u-lock. There is outside bike storage between Greek Housing and Patton Hall, at Piedmont North and outside the MILE lab at University Commons. Bikes also may be stored in residents' bedrooms.

Bicycles may not be stored or secured to any items on or in the plaza, lawns, fences, lounges, hallways, elevators, stairwells or any other public area. Bikes secured in violation of this policy or bikes left unattended will be impounded, declared abandoned after 30 days and discarded.

For the safety of others, bicycles may not be ridden on the plaza or courtyards of University Commons, University Lofts or Piedmont North. Students should walk their bicycle off the grounds before they begin riding.

All residence halls are equipped with state of the art Speed Queen front load washers and dryers. All machines can be used free of charge. Please report all problems related to laundry machines via a maintenance request. (Please indicate the specific building and floor when submitting the request.
The community office keeps items found within the premises of the residence halls for up to two weeks. Residents or non-residents who lose something while in housing should check with the community office or the Georgia State University Police. Anyone who believes an item was stolen should report it to the Georgia State University Police immediately. Georgia State University assumes no responsibility for lost or stolen items. Renter's insurance is highly recommended.

For residents, any PantherCards, debit cards or licenses found are placed in campus mailboxes and an email notification is sent to the resident. For non-residents, any PantherCards found are sent to the PantherCard office.

If any access cards or keys are found, direct contact will be made with the resident.

University Housing currently has three mail rooms and package distribution centers: Edgewood, Piedmont North and University Commons. Residents who live in Patton Hall and Greek Housing will receive mail via the Edgewood mail room located in Patton Hall. Residents who live in University Lofts will receive regular mail in University Lofts and packages in the Edgewood mail room in Patton Hall. Residents who live in Piedmont North Halls A and B will receive mail and packages in the Piedmont North mail room located in Piedmont North Hall A. University Commons residents will receive mail and packages in the University Commons mail room located in the lobby of University Commons. Piedmont Central residents will received mail and packages at the Piedmont Central mailroom located in the lobby of the building.
Panther Dining offers convenient, affordable and delicious meal options for the Georgia State University community. Georgia State offers a dining hall at Patton Hall, Piedmont North and Piedmont Central, food courts in Student Center East and West, Panther Pizza in University Bookstore Building and Panther Corner Cafe on the bottom floor of Kell Hall. All of these facilities offer the option of purchasing meals using cash, credit or debit cards or by purchasing any of the academic year meal plans listed at PantherDining. Call 404-413-9508 for more information.
The residence halls currently provide receptacles for recycling of newspaper, plastic, glass and aluminum located in various areas. The University Commons recycling area is on parking level three (P3), University Lofts area is on the first floor of the parking deck, and the Piedmont North area is at the entrance to the parking deck.

Recycling is encouraged, but appropriate measures must be made to ensure that items to be recycled are stored properly to maintain a safe and healthy living environment.

Residents who recycle should:

  1. Wash all cans, bottles, jars, etc., so that insects are not attracted.
  2. Transport recyclables in sturdy containers or bags to prevent breaking.
  3. Deliver recyclables to the proper container.
  4. Remove recyclables from their apartment on a regular basis.

Georgia State University offers several different types of transportation.  Please visit the pages below to learn more.

Vending Services offers several vending machines containing snacks and beverages that are located throughout the University Housing residence facilities, mostly in the building lobbies. Residents should use these machines with care and report problems by calling posted numbers or informing the community desk. PantherCard can be used in all vending machines. Tampering with or causing damage to a vending machine is prohibited.

University Housing is not responsible for funds lost in vending machines. Refunds must be obtained through the service provider as noted on the machines.