Complete the Housing application through MyHousing and pay the nonrefundable $350 room reservation fee. The fee must be paid online with a credit or debit card. Partial payments will not be accepted.

A student under the age of 18 will be able to apply online. They must also print out the housing contract and return it to the central housing office signed by the student and their parent or legal guardian.

Return in person: Return by mail:
Georgia State University Housing
75 Piedmont Avenue NE, Suite 110
Atlanta, GA 30303
Georgia State University Housing
P.O. Box 3973
Atlanta, GA 30302-3973

Applicants will receive all communication from University Housing via their official Georgia State University email account.
There are no deadlines to apply for housing. However, spaces and specific room types are limited. Room selection times will depend on the date and time a student applies for housing. University Housing encourages students to apply early through MyHousing .
Applicants can check their housing application status any time via their MyHousing account.
Room rates vary depending on the room type and the number of roommates within a room or suite. View the current Rates.
There are no payment plans. Payments are made on a semester basis and must be paid when fees are due to the university.
Housing fees must be received by Student Accounts no later than 5 p.m. on the day tuition and fees are due.
Room availability will depend on the time and date that a student applies for housing. Spaces and specific room types are limited. University Housing staff will attempt to take student preferences into account. However, University Housing cannot guarantee a specific unit, space, rate, complex, facility or assignment.
Physical tours of Piedmont Central can be scheduled via the Welcome Center at 404-413-2063 or refer to Virtual & Video Tours
Move In & Move Out dates are published by University Housing. Details also will be sent to the student's official Georgia State University email account.  
Yes. Family housing is located in University Lofts. Students should indicate on their application their need for family housing. Once a student has contacted University Housing, he or she should fill out Lofts Family Housing Authorized Occupant Form (PDF) and provide a copy of the child's birth certificate and/or marriage certificate for married residents
This varies depending on the student's need. To see a suggested list of things to bring, refer to What Should You Bring.
Complete and submit the Student Housing Contract Notice of Termination form and submit the form via fax to 404-413-1803 or in person to University Housing at 75 Piedmont Avenue, Suite 110.

Download the Student Housing Contract Notice of Termination form and submit the form via fax to 404-413-1803 or in person to University Housing central office at 75 Piedmont Avenue, Suite 110.
That depends on when it is cancelled. Please refer to the housing contract Section V 2016 - 2017 Academic Year Georgia State University Housing Agreement for more information.
Academic Year Meal Plans are required for students who reside in Patton Hall and Piedmont North. University Commons and University Lofts residents may purchase the unlimited all you can eat meal plan per semester through PantherDining.
Parking for fall and spring semesters opens in June. Students can sign up for parking at University Commons and Piedmont North through MyHousing account under personal information. After all the parking preferences are filled in, submitted parking decals can be picked up in University Housing at 75 Piedmont Avenue, Suite 110.
Parking costs $400 per semester. The fee is billed to Student Accounts like tuition and fees. For additional information on parking, refer to Housing Services.
Parking for University Lofts, Patton Hall and Greek Housing can be obtained through the Campus Services or call 404-413-9500 for rates.
Complete a Parking Cancellation Request Form and turn in the parking decal if applicable to University Housing at 75 Piedmont Avenue, Suite 110. Once parking has been cancelled, students will be charged for the number of days they parked, plus an $80 cancellation fee.
University Housing does not offer off campus housing. However, for information about off campus housing, refer to Off Campus Living or contact Dean of Students office at Student Center East, Suite 303 or call 404-413-1515.