Job Opportunities


University Housing has regular openings for both undergraduate and graduate students in a wide range of areas and roles. Since all students who attend college have educational experience, employers are looking for students with work experience that makes them stand out from other applicants. University Housing offers students the opportunity to gain the work experience that can make them more marketable when they graduate.

The benefits to working for University Housing include:

  • Earning money to help pay for school
  • Working flexible hours around your school schedule
  • Working on campus which is more convenient
  • Learning transferable skills (communicating with others, working as a team, managing time, meeting deadlines, handling responsibilities, etc.)
  • Developing your strengths, recognizing your weaknesses and learning to communicate them to future employers
  • Gaining confidence in your abilities through practice and feedback from supervisors
  • Developing a professional network for references and assistance in your future job search
  • Being more connected to the Georgia State community

The links and the documents to the left provide further information for these student positions. Students can also search for job opportunities through Human Resources.