University Housing: New and Improved

Posted On March 12, 2019
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Happy March Panthers!

As the temperature rises and residents begin spending more time outside of their rooms, this is the perfect opportunity to discuss recent improvements within University Housing buildings. In a continuous effort to increase resident satisfaction and commitment to our Strategic Principles, University Housing has implemented a few changes around our residence halls.

The mission of University Housing is to provide quality on campus housing to enhance the personal growth and development of students. This is accomplished by offering modern, safe and secure facilities, opportunities for intellectual and social engagement and promoting purposeful interactions between residents and staff.

Small changes can have a large impact on your experience, happiness and living communities. Have you seen the new updates around your hall?

Providing a Safe and Secure Living Environment
The majority of the exterior parking lot in Piedmont North has been updated to restrict access to staff and students with parking permits. Furthermore, this also provides additional parking spaces to residents.

Encouraging Student Engagement
The lounges in Piedmont North A have new furniture to provide a sleek and fun environment for residents to connect, study and relax. The Piedmont North Courtyard has also been updated to offer additional space for residents to play games and participate in outdoor community activities.

Supporting the Academic Mission of the University
There has been a recent Wi-Fi install in University Lofts, Greek Housing and Piedmont North A and B. This update now grants students the necessary flexibility to complete academic coursework within the comfort of their rooms, halls and study areas. The improvement of Wi-Fi directly aligns with Goal One of the Strategic Plan for the University. With this update, all University Housing buildings have accessible Wi-Fi.

University Housing would like to extend appreciation to all who were involved in making these projects happen – from students providing feedback on sample furniture pieces to staff members developing protocols and participating in numerous decisions. A huge Panther Praise to all for their collaboration and participation.