Careers in Student Affairs Month

Posted On October 2, 2018
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Happy October Panthers! This is a great month for many reasons. The weather is changing, students have settled into classes and the midpoint of the semester brings a new excitement. Another great thing about October is that it is Careers in Student Affairs Month (CSAM). This month-long initiative is committed to the awareness, celebration and education of the profession. It highlights the individual journeys of student affairs professionals, encourages people to learn about the profession and cultivates spaces for people to dialogue about a career in Student Affairs.

What is a career in Student Affairs?
Essentially, this career is composed of educators, staff members and faculty who are committing to providing education, services and resources to enhance student growth and development.

Who are my student affairs professionals within University Housing?
University Housing is full of individuals who work to ensure that students have the best living-learning experience possible. For a full list of University Housing staff, be sure to check out last month’s
Housing Who’s Who.

Throughout this month, University Housing will be highlighting the individual efforts and stories of staff members from the Housing team! We will also be showcasing many of the resources, opportunities and services provided through University Housing by Student Affairs professionals.

To stay up to date on this content and be further engaged with some of your favorite Student Affairs professionals, be sure to follow our social media accounts. University Housing’s official Twitter and Instagram are @GSU_Housing!

Happy October Panthers!