Resident of the Month

Posted On October 6, 2017
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Every student comes to college to make their mark – Alanté Powell has done just that in the residence halls of GSU. A full time Neuroscience major and presidential scholar, a member of Apple’s core coders, and a big brother, Alanté has made the most of his three years in University Housing.

Alanté came to our attention after being selected as the Resident of the Month for August 2017. During this month, Alanté moved in early as a Campus Leader Assisting & Welcoming Students (CLAWS) volunteer, a role he’s taken every year since his first move in experience. Before his peers moved in, he helped the Resident Assistants (RAs) create door decorations and bulletin boards. In his nomination for Resident of the Month, Resident Assistant Erica Barber describes Alanté as someone who always has a smile on his face, and who is quick to provide a kind word or hilarious joke. When we shared this with Alanté, he told us that meeting people and forming connections with them is one of the biggest reasons he has stayed on campus. He’s formed great and lasting relationships with both residents and staff, many of whom have helped him see new aspects of himself.

These relationships have helped him get out of his bubble and kept him humble, as he has met many people from different walks of life. Living in Housing has also taught him a lot about time management, allowing him to maintain his high GPA, work at Apple, and build new relationships while deepening previous ones. And just like he’d say to his little sister, who moved in this year, he wants all residents, freshmen and upperclassmen, to know that he’s still here to help. There are “innumerable things to do” at GSU, and Alanté wants to know that no matter where you are or what you’re involved in, “you’re not alone in the world.”