Posted On October 3, 2016
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In the United States, more children die from cancer than any other disease. For University Housing’s Piedmont North community, this was not acceptable, so they decided to do something about it.

On Wednesday, September 28, 2016, Piedmont North, who proudly refer to themselves as the Squad, decided to show their support for September’s National Childhood Cancer Awareness Month by hosting #SQUADgoesGold. Approximately 200 residents and friends of the Squad participated in the day’s key event, a gold party, which took place in front of the Piedmont North entrance and included music, information about childhood cancer, action stations and more.

The spark that inspired #SQUADgoesGold began with Jasmine R. Green, a resident assistant (RA) in Piedmont North’s Building B.

I was inspired by my supervisor’s, Madison Merrifield, personal experience and wanted to bring awareness to the issue [of childhood cancer]. I began fundraising with Coins4Cure, which benefits Cure Childhood Cancer of Atlanta. I presented my fundraiser to my 31 coworkers during our staff meeting last week in hopes to bring greater awareness to childhood cancer and its effects on the American population.

~ Jasmine Green

While sharing her information during their meeting, many of Green’s co-RAs decided to donate their own personal funds to the cause, almost $30 in total. After seeing her staff’s generosity, Green, along with Piedmont North assistant hall director Madison Merrifield, decided to put together #SQUADgoesGold in order to spread the word about childhood cancer to others in the community. Merrifield, a three-time childhood cancer survivor herself, was amazed by her staff.

I am so touched by how the community rallied together to make this event happen. Some RAs worked late into the night on decoration. Students came up to me during the day to show me their gold outfits. Having support like that was a very cool thing to experience as a survivor.

~ Madison Merrifield

Overall, Green believes the event was a big success.

I was excited to see the residents inquire about and participate in the activities of #SQUADgoesGold. It’s so refreshing to see students want to get involved for such an amazing cause.

~ Madison Merrifield