University Housing Rewards You!

Posted On April 29, 2016
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University Housing is comprised of residence halls that provide quality on campus living to enhance the personal growth and development of its students. Residents of diverse backgrounds have the opportunity to live, learn and create friendships in an atmosphere conducive to your college success.

Living in University Housing provides many opportunities to get involved outside of the classroom. Residents can join organizations such as the National Residence Hall Honorary, the Residence Hall Association or the Green Team and run for an executive board position or simply be an engaged member. There are also annual openings for leadership positions for which residents can apply, including resident assistants, first-year residential experience mentors (F.Y.R.E Mentors), program assistants and student assistants. Through these leadership opportunities, residents have the chance to give back to residential communities, inspire their peers and assist in creating ideal living experiences for fellow residents.

If you need another reason to choose to live on campus, Georgia State University Housing is giving you a special incentive for applying early and deciding to return to housing. You have the opportunity to be entered into multiple drawings to win one of five housing credits worth $1,000 to use toward your housing costs just by simply submitting your housing application between January 22 and May 1, 2016.

Georgia State Housing has already awarded $1,000 housing credits in our March 23 and April 18 drawings to eight newly admitted and returning students. They and their families were ecstatic to have gotten the great news.

Nothing but great things to say about my housing experience here at Georgia State. I got accepted into Georgia State in 2014 and began attending and living on campus in the fall of 2014 and have been here ever since!… Safety and security and the fun that University Housing has to offer both contributed to my decision of returning to live on campus for the 2016-2017 school year. The main reason (and the best reason) behind my decision, however, was the location. Being that Georgia State University is a commuter school, I always heard about students’ struggles with the Atlanta traffic, being late to class or not even showing up, but the location of University Housing cancels all out all of those factors… So, for any students contemplating about whether or not to live on campus, just do it! You will meet new people, attend fun events, and explore Atlanta, all while living in a safe and secure dorm.

~Lauren Jones, March $1000 housing credit winner

I have wanted to live in Georgia State’s housing during college ever since I found out about its amenities. I enjoy the variety of options available to me as a student. At Georgia State, I have the choice of living in traditional style dorms, apartment style, locations, etc. There is truly a housing option to suit every need. I was also impressed with the location of the housing. While the university housing is of course at the campus and therefore near places like classrooms, the library and the rec center, all of the housing locations are near shops, restaurants and parks, so you don’t have to travel far to get what you need.

~Brian Foley, March $1000 housing credit winner

My living experience on campus first year was actually very fun! I made many new connections and I felt like I was actually in a community where I had people who I could connect with. I want to keep living on campus, because I like the experience of living in the dorms with so many people that I can relate to. Also I will probably not get another chance of experiencing a dorm life after my college years, so I want make the most living in the dorms. From what I have experienced, living on campus gave me a better feeling of what was going on around campus and has gotten me so many friends and connections that I feel that this is how I want to live on for the rest of my college career!

-Benjamin Pham, March $1000 housing credit winner

My name is Melanie Felton. My son Nile has been wanting to attend Georgia State University since he was in eighth grade. Two years ago his father took a job in Oklahoma, so he had to move his junior year of high school from Alpharetta. He is excited to get back to Atlanta to attend his first and only choice Georgia State University! As a mother, I feel that it is important that he gets the full experience in college by staying in University Housing getting to know new people and essentially having some independence. Being on campus makes it very easy to attend class and get the support he needs while being away from home. He will be staying in the new dormitory with plenty of amenities to get the home away from home feel. We can’t wait to send him off to college to spread his wings and discover himself! Go Panthers!

~Melanie Felton, Mother of March $1000 housing credit winner

Don’t wait! Being able to live in University Housing definitely made my college experience more convenient and easier. If I didn’t live on campus, I wouldn’t have been as engaged in my education and extracurricular activities

~Nicole E Ogbomoh, April $1000 housing credit winner

Don’t worry there is still a chance you could be one of students to win in our final drawing scheduled for May 2, 2016. For additional information on other rewards and incentives offered by Georgia State University Housing, please contact Georgia State University Housing or call 404-413-1800.

Invest in your collegiate experience beyond the classroom by applying for housing today.