Congratulations, Seana Smith!

Posted On April 5, 2016
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Join University Housing in congratulating Seana Smith, Senior Resident Assistant, on her National of the Month (OTM) award for her diversity program Are You Hungry? Terrence Glaspy, Commons C Resident Assistant, nominated Seana for this award.

During February, Black History Month and the Academy Awards, the conversation surrounding diversity has grown intense. While the conversation about race, gender and sexuality is constnat, it seems like one group is often left out: people with disabilities.

~ Terrence Glaspy

Are You Hungry? examined what would be a simple task for some, making a sandwich, from the perspective of those who are differently-abled. Through this program, Seana was able to accomplish the following goals:

  • Create a hands on task that provided residents the opportunity to experience the task from perspective of those who are differently-abled.
  • Educate residents on the importance of including people with disabilities in the conversation on diversity.
  • Promote interaction and foster new friendships among residents.

In addition to the nomination from Terrence and her OTM award, Seana also received positive feedback from residents after the program.

I loved this program because it showed how much I take advantage of being able to walk, hear and see things.

~ Resident

University Housing congratulates Seana Smith on her National OTM win and thanks her for her investment in the growth and development of University Housing residents. Programs such as this one give residents an opportunity to learn outside of the classroom, understand those around them and broaden their perspectives.

Awarded by the Royal Flame chapter of the National Residence Hall Honorary, OTMs provide recognition for the valuable efforts and contributions of student leaders in campus housing. OTMs are awarded to a single leader or group of leaders or for an effective program hosted by leaders and serve to congratulate and acknowledge positive accomplishments while encouraging continued effort and even greater achievement.