Award-Winning Fire Safety Online Module

Posted On October 30, 2015
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Earlier this year, University Housing received the NASPA Campus Safety Knowledge Community Best Practice in Preparation Activities Award. University Housing was recognized for outstanding accomplishment for students’ completion of the Fire Safety Module. The Fire Safety Module is an annual mandatory assessment given to all residents that emphasizes educating students about the procedures necessary in the event of an emergency on campus.

The program’s purpose is to prevent fires in the residence halls and ensure students know how to respond in a fire emergency. According to the housing contract, the fire safety online education module must be completed by all residents within 10 days of moving into their assigned housing space.

In fall 2014, the module opened on Desire2Learn with a brief video and quiz. Residents had to correctly answer eight out of nine (8 out of 9) or 88% of the questions. Students have unlimited attempts and no time limit. The highest grade is counted. Residents are reminded to complete the fire safety online education module via email and during the fall opening floor meetings by their Resident Assistant.

The online video and evaluation were first created in spring 2012 and launched in every residence hall in fall 2012. It became a requirement in the housing contract beginning in the 2014-2015 academic year, when 4020 of our 4097 residents (98.12%) completed the fire safety online education module with a passing score. For the current 2015-2016 school year, a total of 3976 out of 4060 students have passed the assessment so far, resulting in an impressive 98% completion!

University Housing Assistant Hall Director, Rebecca Moreau, focuses on creating, developing and implementing safety and security initiatives, including the fire safety online education module. With the inclusion of the fire safety online education module in the housing contract, University Housing’s senior leadership, as well as legal counsel, have demonstrated their commitment to promoting a safe, secure environment for residents.