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Upper-Class Housing Waitlist – Fall 2019

Currently Georgia State University Housing has a waiting list for upper-class student housing for fall 2019. Students applying for housing will be placed on the waiting list according to their application submission date. Room assignments will be made as beds become available. Please note that first year students will have priority placement. To be considered for placement, you must submit your application and pay the $350 Room Reservation Fee. Students will receive a full refund of the Room Reservation Fee if:

  1. University Housing is unable to make housing accommodations or
  2. Student is no longer interested in housing and submits a cancellation form prior to receiving a room assignment offer.

University Housing: New and Improved

Happy March Panthers!

As the temperature rises and residents begin spending more time outside of their rooms, this is the perfect opportunity to discuss recent improvements within University Housing buildings. In a continuous effort to increase resident satisfaction and commitment to our Strategic Principles, University Housing has implemented a few changes around our residence halls.

The mission of University Housing is to provide quality on campus housing to enhance the personal growth and development of students. This is accomplished by offering modern, safe and secure facilities, opportunities for intellectual…more>>

University Housing End of the Year Banquet

University Housing is gearing up for its annual End of the Year Banquet! This event is a chance to recognize students and professional staff members for their efforts throughout the year.

Help us celebrate outstanding work by submitting a nomination today! There are approximately 15 awards that will honor the hard work of University Housing team members, acknowledge highlights for the year, and celebrate graduating or transitioning students and professional staff members. Students, advisors and staff are able to nominate as many people, communities or offices for as many awards as they qualify for.

Are you interested in submitting a nomination?
There are three ways that you can nominate someone. Regardless of which award you are submitting a nomination for, please provide the following information: Share your name, title, GSU email address, and phone number. Share the name, title, GSU email address, and phone number of the person/community/office you are nominating. Submit a nomination by completing …more>>

Applying for Housing

Summmer 2019 – Apply Now
Fall 2019 – Apply Now

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