Room Selection

Room Selection

Room selection in University Housing is an online process. After a new or returning resident completes an online application and pays their room reservation fee, he/she will have the ability to choose the residence hall and living space where he/she wish to reside, if eligible. Room selection is based on eligibility and availability. The room selection process is done on a first come, first served system. Students who are eligible to participate in the room selection process may do so as long as space is available. The first phase of room selection takes place in the spring for returning residents. 

Upper Class Students

Upper class students (current residents, current students and transferring student not classified as freshman) will be allowed to select a room following their application or contract received date. Dates for room selection for upper class students will be provided later.

Incoming Freshman

Incoming freshman who submit their application prior to the dates that will be provided later will be able to select their roommate on those dates.

Parking Information for University Commons and Piedmont North

Parking applications are open to all residents beginning on July 1, 2015. To complete a parking application, Login to MyHousing, Select personal preferences and complete your vehicle information.

No room changes are to take place until written approval is received by the RHD.  Any student making a room change without approval from University Housing may be subject to disciplinary action, reassignment to their original room and/or illegal room change fee of $225.  University Housing does not guarantee that a room change request will be approved. Room changes will not be made based upon race, creed, color, sexuality or national origin.
If the request is approved, the resident must change rooms within 48 hours after receiving approval. Failure to move during the designated time may revoke the approval and an improper check out fee will apply.  Resident may change rooms only once per semester.  Any living standard conflict that may arise that cannot be resolved by the resident will be addressed through mediation by the Resident Assistant (RA) or RHD.

University Housing makes every attempt to accommodate resident needs, but does not give the resident the right to occupy a specific room.  Residents may be relocated at any time at the convenience of University Housing.

Students will be contacted in the order in which they appear on the wait list. When housing spaces become available and when the Housing staff has reached a student’s number on the wait list, University Housing will send an email to the student’s Georgia State University email account notifying him/her of availability.  University Housing will then contact the student at the telephone number(s) indicated on their housing application. Therefore, it is very important that students have an accurate phone number, or we will not be able to offer a space in housing. To make changes or updates to your phone numbers, go to MyHousingPlease refrain from contacting the housing office until you receive a phone call.  Providing a nonworking or inaccurate phone contact information will result in the Housing office moving the student to the end of the wait list.

The housing offer will be for one specific space. Unfortunately, we cannot offer you a range of choices, nor can we call you back later with a different housing space. You must make your decision based on the space available when we call.
  • The housing offer will be for an individual space. We cannot accommodate roommate requests in the wait list process.
  •  You will have 24 hours to accept or decline the space.
  •  Once you have been offered a space, your name will be removed from the wait list.

If we are unable to reach a student by phone, University Housing will leave a voicemail message and the office will send the student an email. The student has 24 hours from the time of the email to call the housing office. If you decline the space that has been offered to you or if you fail to respond within the 24-hour time frame, your name will be removed from the wait list. At that point, you will have the option of canceling your application or you can choose to remain active at the end of the wait list.  If you choose to cancel, please complete a cancellation form.

If you choose to remain active on the wait list, your application will be moved to the end of the wait list.

Canceling from the wait list at the time University Housing makes a room offer by phone, voicemail or before the office sends you an email, will result in forfeiture of the room reservation fee. Student must cancel before an offer of housing is made to receive a full refund of the $350 room reservation fee.