Meal Plans

Meal Plans

Meal Plan
The University has a new dining service and has developed a new meal program. For more information call 404-413-9676 or visit PantherDining.

Residents living in Patton Hall and Piedmont North are required to have the meal plan offered through PantherDining. Although required, the meal plan is priced separately from the housing costs. The dining centers located in Patton Hall and Piedmont North are “all you care to eat” style dining facilities. Residents of Patton Hall and Piedmont North receive unlimited access to the Dining Halls during operational hours.

Incoming Freshman

Students who submit their application prior to June 3, 2014 at 12 p.m.:
Simple & Advanced Roommate Search: February 14, 2014 at 12 p.m. – June 9, 2014 at 12 p.m.
Room Selection:
June 17, 2014 at 12 p.m. – June 27, 2014 at 12 p.m.
Parking Information for University Commons and Piedmont North:
Parking application will open to all residents on July 1, 2014. To complete a parking application, login to MyHousing, select Personal Preferences, and complete your vehicle information.