House Directory

Housing Directory

Georgia State University Housing
75 Piedmont Avenue NE
Suite 110
Atlanta, GA 30303
Phone: 404-413-1800
Fax: 404-413-1803
Office Hours: Monday – Friday, 8:30 a.m. – 5:15 p.m.


Title Name Phone
Interim Director Randy Brown 404-413-1805
Interim Associate Director, Residence Life Shannon Corey 404-413-1819
Associate Director, Operations Steve Boswell 404-413-1915
Assistant Director for Business Services and Financial Operations Sharon German 404-413-1809
Assistant Director for IT Services Roderick Padilla 404-413-1907
Assistant to the Director Natalie Bonner 404-413-1806
Senior Administrative Coordinator, Operations Nikki Parham 404-413-1914
Graduate Assistant, Residence Education Julie Phillips 404-413-1815
Senior Administrative Coordinator, Conference Services and Space Management Donata Davis 404-413-1994
Coordinator, Assignments Pertrina Cross 404-413-1812
Coordinator, Assignments Joshua Vance 404-413-1972
Business Affairs Coordinator Jermani Nance 404-413-1811
Accountant III Cathy Shaw 404-413-1802
Administrative Assistant, Business Services Demetria Bester 404-413-1992


Title Name Phone
Assistant Director for Residence Life, University Commons Marc Ebelhar 404-413-1906
Residence Hall Director, University Commons C/D Brett Ellis 404-413-1905
Residence Hall Director, University Commons B Carla Green 404-413-1922
Residence Hall Director, University Commons A Danny Zayas 404-413-1920
Assistant Hall Director, University Commons A/B Justin Taylor 404-413-1921
Assistant Hall Director, University Commons C/D Samantha Jagust 404-413-1904
Coordinator of Residential Learning Ellesia Thurmond 404-413-1988


Title Name Phone
Assistant Director for Residential Student Success and Retention Zduy Chu 404-413-1957
Residence Hall Director, University Lofts Ashley Brown 404-413-2155
Residence Hall Director, Patton Hall Falon Thacker 404-413-1476
Assistant Hall Director, University Lofts Erin Burt 404-413-2163
Assistant Hall Director, Patton Hall Rebecca Moreau 404-413-1474
Assistant Hall Director, Greek Housing Andrew Kubas 404-413-2162


Title Name Phone
Coordinator of Residential Leadership and Civic Engagement Kerry Wallaert 404-413-2181
Graduate Assistant, Leadership and Civic Engagement Anokhi Desai 404-413-2145
Graduate Assistant, Academic Initiatives Naeshia McDowell
Residence Hall Director, Piedmont North A Norma Altidor 404-413-1911
Residence Hall Director, Piedmont North B Devvon Horn 404-413-1998
Assistant Hall Director, Piedmont North A/B Madison Merrifield 404-413-1997


Title Name Phone
Interim Building Manager, Maintenance Chris Lopez 404-413-1916
Building Manager, Custodial Services Latisha Favors 404-413-2175
Locksmith Foreman Terry Offenbacker 404-413-1919

IT Services

Title Name


IT Services Manager Sam Russell 404-413-1908
PC Systems Specialist Andy Amoabeng 404-413-1993