Get Involved

Get Involved

Beyond the onsite amenities and proven academic advantages of living in an on campus residential complex, University Housing offers students even more – the full college experience.

With the convenience and community of on campus housing, you’ll be more likely to interact and engage with classmates, professors, and administrators. You’ll build stronger social networks and find more opportunities for intellectual, spiritual, and physical growth. It’ll be easier to hang out with friends, get to class, do late night research at the library, attend cultural events, work an on campus job, participate in clubs and organizations… the list goes on.

In on campus housing, every resident is connected to the academic institution and shares similar goals and challenges. No apartment community in Atlanta can offer this kind of integrated college community.

Attending college will bring many new challenges – academic, social, and financial – but did you know you can make your college experience more successful and rewarding simply by living on campus?

In fact, studies show that students who live on campus report a higher degree of overall satisfaction with their college experience, have higher GPAs, and are more likely to stay in school.

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