Housing Services

Housing Services

The Commons Market is located on the corner of J. W. Dobbs and Piedmont Ave. The Commons Market provides students with an array of products; we have everything from school supplies, snacks, energy drinks, personal hygiene products, and dinner options. The Commons Market also sells Blue and Green books, scantrons, notebooks, folders, and paper. The Commons Market accepts Credit Card and PantherCard transactions only. So stop by soon; we are sure that you will find a few items that you will like.

Hours of Operation
Open Weekly from 9 a.m. – 10 p.m.

Residents are issued a key that will open the apartment and bedroom door. In the event of a misplaced or lost key, students should go to the Community Desk to check out a spare key. The spare key should be returned to the Community Desk by 9:30 a.m. the next day. You may checkout a spare key three times a semester at no cost. All spare key checkouts after that will have a service charge of $50. If this key is not returned by 9:30 a.m. the next day, the key is considered lost and the student will be charged $75 for a lost key.

To check out a key, the resident must have a picture identification card. Keys are only issued to the resident of that specific room. No resident will be granted access to another resident’s room for any reason.

Lost Access Cards
Access cards are for the use of Georgia State University housing residents only. Access cards open all entrance and exit gates and the building for which you are assigned only. Misplaced or lost access cards should be reported immediately to the Community Desk so that the card can be deactivated and replaced. A replacement card costs $35.

If your card is not granting access to your authorized entry points, report the problem to the Community Desk. If you cannot gain access because of a defective card, call the Community Desk or the Police substation from an outside phone. All residents are expected to carry their card with them at all times.

Failure to report a lost card that is then used to illegally enter a building or a residence hall could result in judicial actions for the residents who failed to report the loss.

Access cards are not to be given to any other person than the person to whom they are issued.

Visitor Guest Parking
There are several metered spaces outside the parking garage located at the University Commons for paid parking.  Vehicles must pay at the meter and place the receipt on their dashboard.  Vehicles without a displayed receipt or an expired ticket will be towed at the owners’ expense.  If you experience issues with the parking meter, please contact Larry Uphoff at 404-413-1915.

Patton Hall, Greek Housing or the University Lofts Residents
If you are a resident of the Patton Hall, Greek Housing or the University Lofts, you should contact Auxiliary Services at 404-413-9500 or go online at GSU Parking for information.

Piedmont North and University Commons Residents
Parking is available through Housing for residents at Piedmont North and the University Commons.  Parking costs $400 per semester and is billed during each semester with housing fees and tuition.  Motorcycle spaces are also available upon request and are billed half the rate of a car space. You must indicate on the parking application that you would like a motorcycle space.

Residents of Piedmont North and the University Commons should complete the parking application in MyHousing under the ‘Personal Preferences’ tab.

If you wish to cancel, you may do so at the Housing Office by completing a Parking Cancellation Form and turning in your parking decal if applicable. Once parking has been canceled, you will be charged for the number of days you parked plus an $80 cancellation fee.

Parking decks are secured and monitored by police 24 hours a day, 7 days a week. Residents are given an access card to gain entry into their assigned deck. Illegally or improperly parked vehicles will be towed at the owner’s expense. Contact the Housing Office or the Community Desk for information regarding your towed vehicle. Georgia State University assumes no responsibility for vehicles or protection of any vehicle or its contents at any time.

  • Parking in the deck is a privilege for Housing residents.
  • Due to limited spaces, we can only accommodate one vehicle per resident.
  • Vehicle information on the application must be completed accurately.
  • You must own a vehicle or legally possess a vehicle to be issued a parking space.
  • Valid and current license plates are required for all vehicles.
  • Selling of your parking access to another individual is prohibited.
  • Parking decals and access cards are not transferable.  Parking access is only granted to the parking applicant that received approved access to the deck.
  • An access card is needed to gain access in the parking deck.  If you misplace or lose your card, you must go immediately to the Community Desk to replace it.  The replacement of an access card is $35.  If the Community Desk is closed, the police may let you into the deck.  A replacement fee for lost, damaged, or stolen parking decal is $25.
  • Georgia State University Housing parking decks are designated for Housing Residents only.
  • Any vehicle without a parking decal will be towed at the owner’s expense and assessed a parking penalty of $25.

Georgia State University Housing parking regulations require that every vehicle parked at the Commons or Piedmont North must be registered and have a current parking decal properly displayed in the vehicles rear window on the driver’s side. Vehicles without the decal properly displayed will be ticketed and towed at the owner’s expense.  On the various levels of the parking decks, there are several ‘University Housing Only’ parking spaces. These spaces are for GSU HOUSING PERSONNEL ONLY. Do not park in these spaces or you will be towed at your expense.

Parking Deck Etiquette
Please observe the following:

  • Be mindful of pedestrians, both in and around the decks.
  • Drive slowly (5 mph) while in the parking decks.
  • Observe all directional arrows and yield right-of-way.
  • Please park in the center of your space and not too close to or over the lines.
  • Put your headlights on while in the decks, and use turn signals to indicate when you are parking.
  • Enter and exit the decks slowly. As you enter, watch the arm go down behind your vehicle. This will prevent tailgating and keep the decks secure.
  • Servicing of vehicles, including oil changes and cleaning vehicles, is prohibited and illegal in the parking decks.
  • DO NOT park in spaces where the curb is painted yellow, where there are NO PARKING signs, or in such a manner that obstructs the view of traffic entering or exiting the decks or driveways.

Failure to comply may result in the cancellation of parking privileges.

Parking Penalties and Parking Fines

Parking fines will be billed to your student account. Parking fines can be paid by cash and check at the Student Accounts Office, 100 Sparks Hall. Credit card and check payments are accepted by logging on to your PAWS account.

Unpaid citations will result in registration holds being placed on your student account.  Persons with unpaid citation(s) at the end of the year will not be allowed to register for classes and will not be permitted to register for parking for the following year. Failure to pay fines(s) within 30 days will result in a late fee of $10.

Fine Parking Violation
$10 Motorcycle Parked in an Unauthorized Area
$15 Improper Display of Parking Decal
$50 Parking in an Unauthorized Area (Reserved Spaces)
$15 Parking in a Loading Zone
$15 Obstructing Traffic
$25 Vehicle without a Displayed Parking Decal (Vehicle will be Towed at Owner’s Expense)
$25 Altering a Parking Permit (Fraudulent Permit)
$90 Parking in a Fire Lane
$25 Parking beyond Parking Spaces (Parking in Two Spaces)
$50 Parking in a No Parking Zone (Vehicle will be Towed at Owner’s Expense)
$90 Parking in a Handicap Space without Proper State Issued Permit or Tag
$25 Replacement of Parking Decal
$80 Parking Cancellation Fee
$10 Late fee (Failure to Pay Fine (s) within 30 days)

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The Residential Network (ResNet) is managed by the University Housing Information Technology Services Area. Our mission is to provide high quality ResNet services to University Housing residents and guests

Resident rooms are provided with Internet access and cable TV service, which includes a basic channel lineup with over 80 channels, and an option to subscribe to premium channels. ResNet Wireless internet service is also available throughout Housing common areas such as lounges and conference rooms.

Apogee is our provider of choice for telephone, cable and high speed internet service.  The basic services are included in your residence hall fees. Apogee can be contacted at 855-813-7007 or visit MyResNet.

Internet & Cable Service
The basic services are included in your residence hall fees. You will not need to preregister for Apogee’s basic television service. However, you will need to register (up to 5 devices) if you wish to use high speed internet service. Apogee offers at additional cost HD premium television channels within your bedroom. You will also need to provide your own equipment (television, computer, Ethernet cable, etc). For more information, please contact Apogee at 1- 855-813-7007 or visit MyResNet.

High-speed Internet Service
ResNet provides each residence hall and university apartments resident with burstable speeds up to 100Mbps Fast Ethernet network connection in their room which allows them to connect to the campus network and Internet. Access to network resources is governed by Apogee. For more information please contact Apogee at 855-813-7007 or visit MyResNet.

Follow these steps to use the ResNet network in your room/apartment:

  1. Connect a Category5 or Category6 data cable to the network port on your computer and to the data jack in your room. If you need a data cable they are available for $8 purchase at any of our Hall Community Desks and charged to your student account directly.
  2. Turn on your computer and open your web browser. Your browser should be automatically redirected to the Apogee network registration page. If the registration page does not load automatically try typing the url for a public web page (i.e. http://google.com) and you should be redirected to the network registration page.
  3. Follow the instructions on the registration pages.
    • You will be asked to verify that your computer’s operating system has the current patches installed and that you have anti-virus software installed by downloading and running the network registration application (Bradford_Dissolvable_Agent.exe). This program will not be permanently installed on your device and may be deleted after registration. You must download and run this program in order to register your computer.
  4. Registering a device with Apogee Network implies acceptance of Apogee Appropriate Use Policies.
  5.  When the registration application indicates success please close and reopen your browser. You should now have full network access. You can register up to 5 devices.

Connection Problems 
If you were unable to register your computer/device by following the steps above, please call Apogee 855-813-7007 or visit MyResNet.

Wireless Access
ResNet Wireless Service is provided by Apogee and offered in all common areas throughout the residence halls.

Connecting to the ResNet Wireless Network
The MyResNet Wireless Network is available for use by University Housing residents and guests.

Enable the wireless network adapter on your laptop or wireless device. You will see MyResNet-Wireless on the list of available wireless networks. Connect to the MyResNet-Wireless network.

Please note that if your residence hall room is in close proximity to an area offering wireless service you may be able to connect to it from your room, however Apogeet does not guarantee wireless coverage in individual rooms.

  • Once you are connected, open a web browser and you will be automatically redirected to the ResNet registration page.
  • Follow the instructions on the registration pages.
  • You can register up to 5 devices.
  • When the registration application indicates success, please close and reopen your browser. You should now have full network access.

ResNet Wireless Support 
For support, please contact Apogee at 855-813-7007 or visit MyResNet.

Cable TV Service
Apogee is the cable service provider. Simply plug your television into the analog cable port located in your bedroom. Your basic service is live and ready to use; the cost of this cable service is included in the price of housing fees. If you would like premium TV channels you must call 1-855-813-7007. If any questions, feel free to visit the Apogee Help Desk located in the main lobby of the University Commons or the first floor lounge of the Lofts. A digital set top box is required for premium services; to obtain the best promotional rates please call Apogee directly. It should be noted that these boxes are transferable to other DirecTV compatible satellite setups and will have to be returned when resident move out. Residents may not tamper with data hardware, splice/split cable or mount satellite equipment anywhere on the facilities.

NOTE: Outdoor antennas and satellite dishes are prohibited.

Cable Channel Listing
Visit MyResNet for a complete listing for the Residential Television Network.

For support, please contact Apogee at 855-813-7007 or visit MyResNet.

Telephone Service: Resident Room Phones
Telephone jack is provided in every bedroom and in the common area of the apartments. Phone lines are not installed in individual resident rooms by default. If you would like to have a phone line installed in your room, please call Apogee at 855-813-7007 and have ready your to give your room number, residence hall and campus email address when requesting that a line be installed. This service is available at an additional cost of $79 for a semester. Phone requests may take up to 14 days to complete. Residents are responsible for all charges related to this service, residents are also responsible for paying the fee to transfer their private line to a new assignment in the event of a room change.

Long Distance Service
Residents may use a calling card to make long distance calls from the community area phone.

Connecting a Game Console or Other Device:
To register a browser-less or other type of network device such as a game console, you will need to obtain the MAC (sometimes referred to as physical) address of the device you wish to register. Please refer to your manufacturer’s documentation for this information. Once you have the MAC address you will need to login to your MyResnet.com account and select “add another device” from the “Connect a Device” section and enter your Device Type, the MAC address of the device you wish to register, description and then click on the register button. Once registered you may need to reboot the device in order for it to obtain a new ip address.

If your device is not getting online, check to make sure that the data cable is plugged in on each end. If it is still not working, plug a known working computer into the jack you are using and see if it gets an IP address and you are able to get online. If the computer works, then you know that you have a working data jack. If this is the case, please contact the manufacturer for support, as Apogee does not provide support for these devices other than to verify that your data jack is working correctly. If the data jack is not working, please call Apogee 855-813-7007 or visit MyResNet. Appropriate Use of Routers, Switches and Wireless Access Points on the MyResNet Network If you have brought a router, switch, hub or wireless access point from home that you plan to use in your room/apartment, please read the following:

Retransmission or propagation of the network connection through the use of switches, hubs, routers or wireless access points is allowed for personal use within the resident’s room or apartment. All devices placed on the Apogee network must be securely and properly configured, and the resident who registers the device(s) will be solely responsible for any violation or abuse resulting from the use of the device(s). Any device that causes network-related problems or denies service to other users may be disconnected from the network without prior warning.

Securing a Wireless Access Point
Apogee requires that all wireless access points attached to the network are properly configured and secured. This ensures that the owner of the wireless access point knows exactly who is connecting to it. You are responsible for all network traffic that passes through your access point. For example, if a computer in the room next door connects through your secured/unsecured wireless access point and becomes infected with a virus, everyone connected to the access point will be quarantined until the infected computer is cleaned. To securely configure your access point you should enable WEP or WPA security and/or MAC based filtering, change the default SSID and change the default admin password. Please check your router WAP documentation. We do not provide configuration support for wireless access points.

Important Services
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Incoming Freshman

Students who submit their application prior to June 3, 2014 at 12 p.m.:
Simple & Advanced Roommate Search: February 14, 2014 at 12 p.m. – June 9, 2014 at 12 p.m.
Room Selection:
June 17, 2014 at 12 p.m. – June 27, 2014 at 12 p.m.
Parking Information for University Commons and Piedmont North:
Parking application will open to all residents on July 1, 2014. To complete a parking application, login to MyHousing, select Personal Preferences, and complete your vehicle information.