University Commons
The Commons, a 4.2-acre complex of four apartment buildings ranging from 8 to 15 stories can house approximately 2,000 conference participants.  The complex consists of private single rooms in either a two- or four-bedroom apartment style unit. All units come with fully-equipped kitchens and furnished bedroom, living room, and dining area spaces. Each individual private bedroom is wired for high-speed Ethernet internet connections, voice, and cable T.V. services.  ADA-accessible apartments are also available.  In addition, each floor design includes a community lounge space and each building has a fully equipped free laundry facility.  Apartments do not come with televisions or any cooking utensils.

Patton Hall Suites
Patton Hall has a suite-style setup that can accommodate up to 325 conference participants. The suite has a total occupancy of three people.  One bedroom per suite is a double occupancy room and one is a single occupancy.  The suites feature a lockable built-in closet, an extra-long (38” x 80″) twin bed, a three-drawer dresser, desk and chair for each participant, and wall-to-wall carpeting.  Each suite has a full bathroom that connects both bedrooms.  There are limited ADA accessible suites available.  Call and let us know if one of these suites would be best for you.

Piedmont North
This 2-building traditional style complex can accommodate up to 1000 participants, with options of double and triple occupancy rooms. Each room has its own bathroom and each participant will have their own extra-long twin bed, a wardrobe or closet, dresser, desk, and chair.

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Floor Plans