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Academic Support

Attending college will bring many new challenges – academic, social, and financial – but did you know you can make your college experience more successful and rewarding simply by living on campus?  In fact, studies show that students who live on campus report a higher degree of overall satisfaction with their college experience, have higher GPAs, and are more likely to stay in school.

University Housing collaborates with various academic departments to offer faculty-student interaction outside the classroom. We also partner with various University departments to bring academic, career development, and student success workshops to your residence hall. For first year students, First Year Residential Experience (FYRE) Mentors provide an academic peer resource to help manage stressful times.

First Year Residential Experience (FYRE)
The FYRE program was developed in response to student requests for a program that would help them develop skills to succeed in college and to get better connected to the Georgia State University community. Participation in the FYRE program gives students some of the tools they will need to develop a strong foundation for academic success along with the connections they will need to effectively navigate their undergraduate career, ensuring that first year students are successful inside and outside of the classroom. The FYRE program gives students the independence they need in order to grow as students, paired with access to appropriate support systems whenever they need it.

The FYRE program allows first year students to:

  • Attend social events and academic support workshops planned especially for their hall by their assigned FYRE Mentor
  • Experience faculty-student interaction outside of the classroom
  • Learn more about campus resources
  • Network with staff and faculty
  • Become involved in leadership opportunities

FYRE Mentors
FYRE Mentors are sophomore, junior, and senior students who assist new first year students with their transition into the Georgia State University community. They serve as role models and resource referrals for first year students, presenting workshops and social events for first year students on various important topics. FYRE Mentors also provide outreach to students in their community by connecting them to the many different academic, educational, social, and cultural activities occurring on campus.

FYRE Mentors will be in touch with their first year residents in the summer months prior to the start of the academic year informing them about welcome events and upcoming events for the semester.

Learning Centers
University Housing is committed to supporting its residents in their academic pursuits, and our residence halls offer convenient areas for study and learning.  The University Housing Learning Centers, located in the University Lofts, Piedmont North and University Commons, offers state of the art study suites for quiet study, one to one tutoring or group sessions and features multimedia capabilities, including Internet access and webcams. There is even a smart classroom where several Georgia State University courses have been taught, including GSU 1010. University Housing will also offer tutoring services for select courses in the Lofts Learning Centers.

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